About Us


Clayton was born in Alexandra La. Though he was raised in Indianapolis In. After graduation he moved to Southwest Florida. and has resided here still since 1981.

Clayton has always had a natural love, Talent & Patients for building. This started as a young boy in school, Building & making furniture for fellow students & family members. While working job after job each one a building block for where he is today, Clayton would always do handy man style jobs. This is when he began building his relationships & customer list. In 1997 Clayton decided to study & go for his Contractor state license. This was an exciting & very driven time in his life. Clayton dedicated all of his spare time in pursuit of his dreams & goals.

After succeeding, He took his dream to the next level. This is when Clayton’s Construction was developed with the help of friends & his loyal customers. Clayton was able to go full time & begin to build his business.

Clayton has built a very successful company, always striving for top quality in every job! Quality is the name of his game! He never walks away from a job with out the full satisfaction of the customer.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about that dream kitchen or bathroom. Get with Clayton and allow him to walk you thru the ideas to make your house your dream home. Whether you need a new closet, window, door replacement, an addition to a second story to your existing home, or perhaps you may just need that leak fixed or rotten wood replaced, you can give Clayton a call.